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Brazil 7 – 0 Russia

Many qualities of Brazil were forgotten and overlooked during the World Cup, but they will be sorely missed when we land in tyrannical and bigoted Russia in four years

So, just how Latin are you?

¡Ay, caramba! This World Cup is testing the allegiances of Brazilians: shall we align ourselves with our poor Latin neighbours or with our distant and rich cousins in the Northern hemisphere?

Reaching the top of the stars

JungleDrums speaks to Neymar’s hairdresser and reveals the secrets of one of the most famous haircuts in the world

A non-stop feast of yellow and green

The trendy boisterous East End of London will witness a celebration of all things Brazilian nearly every day during the World Cup

The day London turned Brazilian

The British capital will shake and groove next Thursday, as Brazil Day hits Trafalgar Square

Losing my favourite game

Fernando Duarte launches his new book and reveals to The Immigrant the joys and the pains of Brazilian football, and how defeat has empowered the nation

Is this the World Cup or Carnival?

As it prepares for Carnival, the first capital of Brazil is mostly indifferent to the World Cup; Anderson Sotero reports and advises tourists what to do

Watch Brazil v Netherlands with JungleDrums

This afternoon, the Brazilians and the Dutch go head to head for a place in the World Cup Semi Finals, and JungleDrums is bringing Copa Jungle back to Camino, where it all began just over two weeks ago, when we

Where to watch the World Cup

As this year’s World Cup builds arrives this June we’ve put together a rather handy lowdown of the best places to enjoy all the action from the Brazil matches, and all the venues and parties with Latin American connections or

World Cup Carnival 2010

From 11th June to 11th July the iconic Shepherds Bush Pavilion is being transformed into a mecca to World Cup football and entertainment.