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Schedule for 3rd Brazilian Film Festival

The Brazilian Film Festival of London returns to the capital, starting on Tuesday 6th Sept with a BAFTA screening before moving to Odeon Covent Garden for four more days of Brazilian film, ending on 10th Sept.

JungleGuide: Elite Squad 2

Elite Squad 2 – known as Tropa de Elite 2: O Inimigo Agora é Outro in Brazil and titled Elite Squad: The Enemy Within for the UK is the all-time largest box office ticket seller and highest-grossing film in Brazil,

Interview with Wagner Moura

“The police do not exist to protect people in Brazil, they exist to protect the state.” Wagner Moura on his role in Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

Elite Squad : The Enemy Within

“The Brazilian Godfather” is coming to town. Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2), the most successful film in Brazilian cinema history, has been retitled Elite Squad: The Enemy Within and will hit UK cinemas on August 12th.

Elite Squad – A Slap in the Face for Society

With Elite Squad 2 being released in the UK on August 12th we take a look at the controversy that the first film caused upon it’s release in 2007.

Elite Squad 2 Reveals Harsh Realities

Elite Squad 2 is more than just a sequel to Elite Squad – it is also an important and courageous film that finally exposes in a very crude and realistic manner Rio’s, and probably Brazil’s, biggest problem: the corrupt system that controls it.