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Interview with José Padilha

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within elevated José Padilha to a major player in Latin American cinema, and became the biggest-selling Brazilian film of all time. Now, it’s being released in the UK on DVD and we decided the time was right to talk to Padilha about the controversy of the first Elite Squad and the success of it’s sequel.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within Released in UK Cinemas on August 12th

We’ve been getting a little bit crazy about the upcoming release of Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. So much so that we’ve reviewed the film, interviewed the director José Padilha, previewed the film here and spoken of the film’s social

Elite Squad 2 Reveals Harsh Realities

Elite Squad 2 is more than just a sequel to Elite Squad – it is also an important and courageous film that finally exposes in a very crude and realistic manner Rio’s, and probably Brazil’s, biggest problem: the corrupt system that controls it.