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Jungle reviews: an inspiring UK debut from Criolo

With his mix of non-obvious lyrics with a cauldron of rhythms, including bolero, hip-hop and samba, Criolo was one of the main attractions of Brazilian festival Back2Black hosted in London for the first time


Do it with pride – show off your Brazilian to the world

Swing, sweat and passion will hit the streets of Central London this July 7th as an exclusively Brazilian float joins the 2012 World Pride in the British capital. But Brazil isn’t all about lust and carnival anymore. The waking giant


Pinta showcases the best of Latin art at Earls Court

Following its second London edition in 2011, PINTA, the Latin American Art Show will return to Earls Court Exhibition Centre to present the very best in modern and contemporary Latin American art.

Call the police! Antony Gormley is in Brazil…

Famous for his sculptures based on molds taken from his own body, Gormley brings to São Paulo his first major exhibition in South America and juts like New York and London, his art confounds the public and makes the population call the police.

Getting Relaxed and Cultural in Ouro Preto

For history lovers, Ouro Preto is a fantastic destination. The city is located in a valley in the state of Minas Gerais, and is home to some of the most beautiful natural museums in Brazil. The name Ouro Preto (Black


Time to make amends Gilles…

Gilles Peterson wants to prove he still loves Brazil with a new night at Guanabara, showing that even though he has spent a lot of his time lately flirting with Cuba, he still loves Brazil.

Daily Sampa

While this space will continue to feature commentary on Sampa in a longer format, I have ressurected my Tumblr blog, also called São Paulo Diaries, where I post photos, links and general rambling about life in São Paulo in shorter bursts

5 things to do outdoors in São Paulo

I don’t mean to rub it in – especially if you’re braving the cold right now – but the last few weeks in São Paulo have been SUPER hot! This works out great as there are many things to do outside in the city and around. Here’s a list of things to do in Sampa while soaking the rays.

Street Illusions in São Paulo

It the past few years the structures of many poor favelas in Brazil have been used by many artists as a canvas for their imagination and inspiration. Jungle’s favourite so far is JR’s eyes in the favelas (see below), or

Where to go in São Paulo

Rosana McPhee is a São Paulo native who returned to her hometown recently to explore some foodie-related places and sites of interest in the city she was born. Here she gives some suggestions of places to see and things to do in São Paulo.