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Afugentando estrangeiros

Is Brazil really making the most of the influx of high skilled foreigner that have migrated to the country, asks our columnist Angelica Mari.
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Paulistanos don’t give a damn about the crack issue

Three days into the New Year, state and city governments and the military police in São Paulo occupied the area known as “Cracolândia” (crackland). Today, just over three weeks after the operation began, the state secretary of justice Eloisa Arruda

Happy 458th anniversary, Sampa!

Sampa (Caetano Veloso) Alguma coisa acontece no meu coração Que só quando cruza a Ipiranga e a avenida São João É que quando eu cheguei por aqui eu nada entendi Da dura poesia concreta de tuas esquinas Da deselegância discreta

Mobiles and cons

Did you know that use of mobile phones is forbidden inside banks in the city of São Paulo? Since August 2011, mobile phone use is banned by law within bank branches and also at ATMs. Mayor Gilberto Kassab created the

My first São Silvestre race

For most paulistanos, the São Silvestre race is synonymous with the New Year festivities. I attended as a spectator for many years, shouting support at the runners or watching the elite athletes on TV. The São Silvestre is the most

Christmas decorations in São Paulo

Thousands of tourists come to see the Christmas decorations in Avenida Paulista – our Oxford Street equivalent at this time of the year. The most impressive decorations are funded by banks, notably Bradesco, Itaú and Santander. The mayor’s office also

Being a veggie in Sampa

The vast majority of Brazilians are carnivores. Fact. Most of us love a barbecue and not a day would go by without us having some sort of meat on our plates. As a child, I remember being extremely disappointed when

My everyday padaria treat

One of the things I missed the most while living abroad was my daily trips to the local padaria (bakery). The smell of freshly baked goods and coffee, the banter with the staff, the sense of community. You don’t need


One of the things that I have always found very strange since returning to Brazil is police and private security staff carrying guns around. Having lived for such at long time in the UK, where not even the police uses

Back to the Future

Hmmm, how do I start? Since I wrote the last post for this column in August 2010, a lot has happened… Well yeah, life changes and sometimes it changes quite a bit, as a lot of fellow Brazilians in London