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Rio makes London go bananas

What happens when you let loose 30 artists from Rio? They go bananas! Or at least some of them do. “Tropical Clusters – The Banana Project” by Rio born graphic artist Breno Pineschi is part of the huge project that has


Liverpool are you ready to Samba?

Organisers of BRAZILICA, the UK’s largest Samba Carnival event, have announced the route which the glittering carnival parade will take when it passes through the city’s streets this weekend on the evening of Saturday 14th July.

Jungle reviews: an inspiring UK debut from Criolo

With his mix of non-obvious lyrics with a cauldron of rhythms, including bolero, hip-hop and samba, Criolo was one of the main attractions of Brazilian festival Back2Black hosted in London for the first time

To Russia with Loathe – from a Brazilian criminal

Brazil and Russia couldn’t disagree more on gay rights and various socio-political issues, yet the two countries have recently become BRIC partners and dropped visa requirements My mother and I were both very keen to break the law when we

Call the police! Antony Gormley is in Brazil…

Famous for his sculptures based on molds taken from his own body, Gormley brings to São Paulo his first major exhibition in South America and juts like New York and London, his art confounds the public and makes the population call the police.


Jandira Silva Album Launch @ 606 Club

Launch night for Jandira Silva’s first album under her own name. Born in Rio de Janeiro, grown up in Espirito Santo and hugely popular in Portugal before moving to London five years ago, Jandira is a Brazilian singer that we

João Brasil’s Rio Remix

Getting Relaxed and Cultural in Ouro Preto

For history lovers, Ouro Preto is a fantastic destination. The city is located in a valley in the state of Minas Gerais, and is home to some of the most beautiful natural museums in Brazil. The name Ouro Preto (Black


Time to make amends Gilles…

Gilles Peterson wants to prove he still loves Brazil with a new night at Guanabara, showing that even though he has spent a lot of his time lately flirting with Cuba, he still loves Brazil.

The City of Samba