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Carioca beat in Old Street

Rio Funk didn’t just descend the hills to conquer the night in it’s home town, as it would appear it has also crossed the ocean and found a good home in London.

Dancing in the sun

For those who missed the Brazilian Carnival in February and can hardly wait for the Notting Hill version, still far off in August, a luring option is coming on 28th of May.

Balada Special

Topping off a busy programme at Guanabara this month there’s a big night with DJ MAM,

Camino’s 3rd Birthday Party

Jungle’s helping the vibrant Spanish restaurant/bar mark its 3rd anniversary down in Kings Cross with a rather big bang in the form of the ever-raucous Molotov Jukebox and JD Lime!

Jungle Sessions: Casuarina’s UK debut

Since 2001, when they emerged on Rio’s new bohemian scene, the sound of Casuarina has come to be described as samba, in brand new clothes. But what draws people to their music isn’t the band members wearing t-shirts and playing

Mayday Future World Funk

The Nothing Hill Arts Club will celebrate Mayday making way for the original sounds of the night of the global underground new and old music brought to you by DJ Russ Jones and DJ Cliffy, the latter having just got back from a

Super Fridays @ Camino

The Dublin-based social/music web-radio initiative Groovalizacion comes over in the form of DJ Izem, joining Cal Jader and DJ Andyloop for some Fusion, Afro and Latin beats.