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Lucas Santtana’s Sem Nostalgia

Sem Nostalgia is the first UK release by Brazilian singer/songwriter Lucas Santtana. A reconfiguration of the classic “Brazilian guitar” format it’s an album that deserves some attention, which is what we’re giving it!

Oi! The New Brazilian Music!

In 2009, former Far Out Recordings manager Mais Um Gringo set out on a mission to explore the farthest corners of the blogosphere and discover new Brasilian sounds. Then he jumped on a plane and re-traced his footsteps in person.

Celebrating the independence and new sound of Brazil

From folkloric roots to cutting edge electronic, the sound of London’s Latin alternative comes to the Notting Hill Arts Club for a Brazilian Independence Day Special with Movimienots Live + Guest DJ Mais Um Gringo launching ‘Oi! A Nova Music