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Tupiniquin @ Bedroom Bar

From the innovators that looked for inspiration in the lyrics of Vinícius de Moraes other insertions emanated, with disconcerting beats from Mutantes, the free ruffle rhythms of Chico Science and, even tough he turns his nose up, a little seasoning


Tulipa Returns to London

Tulipa Ruiz charmed the audience at her last London appearance thanks to her mix of playfulness, an effortlessly great voice and a selection of fine tunes from her debut album Efêmera that seem impossible to grow tired of.


Alua Nascimento & The Collective feat Kit Downes

Brazilian vibraphone and percussion master Alua Nascimento joins up with pianist Kit Downes for a show at the Brixton. Nascimento – son of renowned Brazilian percussionist Dinho Nascimento – now lives in London and offers up regular shows like this

Cícero – Tempo de Pipa

Sabrina’s Latest is Album of Summer

In the crowded genre of Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova, Sabrina Malheiros stands out, making her mark as an artist transforming Brazilian music for a new generation.


Sabrina Malheiros @ Boisdale

Sabrina Malheiros‘ latest album Dreaming is her best yet, and she will be performing songs from it at this special show at Boisdale in Canary Wharf, part of Jazz FM’s Discovery series.