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Picante Mexican Grill

What do you get when you put together an American, a French, a Peruvian, a Portuguese and an Italian? Apparently, the outcome is a Burrito Bar – at least that’s how Picante was born. Opened just last month near Victoria


In Mexican culture, Chilango is the nickname given to someone who inhabits the country’s capital, Mexico City. After dining in Chilango the restaurant on Fleet Street, you can almost believe you are one of them.

El Paso Hoxton

Stepped out of work and feel like listening to good music in a pleasant atmosphere? El Paso is the place to go.

Benito’s Hat

Finding fast and delicious Mexican food in central London may seem like mission impossible: but not so for diners at Benito’s Hat.

Burrito Gourmet – Full of Beans!

First burgers did it. Now it’s the turn of burritos to go gourmet as this little place, naturally called Burrito Gourmet, just a minute from Putney station, has joined the Mexican wave of burrito stalls and fast food outlets cropping