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Time to make amends Gilles…

Gilles Peterson wants to prove he still loves Brazil with a new night at Guanabara, showing that even though he has spent a lot of his time lately flirting with Cuba, he still loves Brazil.


Female Footy for Africa!!!

Anyone who has caught any women’s football recently will now that the quality of the sport is on the way up. There is a chance, however, that after going to Girls Kick Ball For East Africa you might change your


Brasil Music Exchange @ The Great Escape

Three Brazilian bands will be appearing at Brighton’s The Great Escape festival. Babe, Terror, Marina Gasolina and Black Drawing Chalks will all be playing in Brighton on either the 12th or 13th May.

Marina Gasolina – Leone

Leo Cavalcanti’s Debut Is One To Keep An Eye On

Jungle picks its favourite bowling alley for a brand new party to showcase Brazil’s modern sound Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes is one of Jungle’s favourite nights out, we’ve always wanted to host an event there. And so, Baby Bitch was born,