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The “Brazilian Beyoncé” brings her tecnobrega to London

Gaby Amarantos, Lucas Santtana and Graveola bring their tropical sounds to London on a night fuelled with the latest from the contemporary Brazilian music scene


Lucas Santtana @ Favela Chic

Lucas Santtana celebrates the release of his album Sem Nostalgia in England with this show at Favela Chic. Santtana is a critic’s favourite, no more so the case than on his latest release, which flirts between the manic energy of

Lucas Santtana’s Sem Nostalgia

Sem Nostalgia is the first UK release by Brazilian singer/songwriter Lucas Santtana. A reconfiguration of the classic “Brazilian guitar” format it’s an album that deserves some attention, which is what we’re giving it!

Responding to the Riots

The Sony distribution centre in Enfield was home to releases from many of the UK’s independent music labels and film distribution companies. When it burnt down on Monday night all of that stock was lost. Here’s how you can help our indies recover!

Do Amor @ Notting Hill Arts Club (5/7/11)

Ah, the beauty of ‘first times’. My first time at Notting Hill Arts Club. Do Amor‘s first time in London. And so most definitely the first time that the Arts Club and it’s patrons shook on down to the sounds

Oi! The New Brazilian Music!

In 2009, former Far Out Recordings manager Mais Um Gringo set out on a mission to explore the farthest corners of the blogosphere and discover new Brasilian sounds. Then he jumped on a plane and re-traced his footsteps in person.