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Samba Chula de What?

Yes, it’s a complicated name, but an unmissable show at Momo’s. The community of São Braz in Bahia is one of the few remaining in Brazil to perform the Samba Chula style of music. Now they come to England for the first time to spread the word.


Samba Chula de Sao Braz @ Momo’s

Chula is Brazil’s primordial samba, daughter of the semba, carried to Bahia by African Bantu slaves and grown up on the sugarcane plantations. Chula is in danger of dying out, although you might doubt that when you encounter the vital


Raf Vilar @ Momo’s

Raf Vilar moves seamlessly between Portuguese and English through tracks that evoke bossa nova, folk and samba of 60’s and 70’s Brazil whilst incorporating global jazz and electronica.


Roberto Pla @ Momo’s

Percussionist, composer and bandleader, Roberto Pla is a father figure for all UK Latin musicians. Born in Colombia, Roberto settled in the UK and has played and recorded with many artists such as Joe Strummer, Kate Bush, the Newyorican Poets,

Tiptoeing Thru the Tulips with Tulipa!

An interview with Tulipa Ruiz, one of Brazil’s newest singing sensations, who was in London to make her UK debut. We’ve also got some great video from her gig at Momo’s.

Tulipa’s London debut at Momo

It was only two years ago that Tulipa Ruiz performed her first solo concert and less than a year since she released her debut album Efêmera. That album was voted the Best Brazilian Album of 2010 by Rolling Stone Brasil…