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Soundway Records have spent the past five years releasing what seemed a never-ending stream of lost gems and forgotten classics from Africa and Latin America, with their Colombia compilations (Palenque Palenque, Original Sound of Cumbia, etc.) in particular getting our

Buraka Som Sistema @ Heaven

Buraka Som Sistema are back in London to promote their new LP Komba, containing the same energetic rush of electro, breakbeat and kuduro we’d expect from the band. Thanks to collaborations with Mixhell and Bomba Estereo it also seems as

Buraka Som Sistema makes XOYO bounce

In town to record their next album, Buraka Som Sistema dropped in at XOYO in February to lay down another intense performance in East London.

Studious Sounds of Kuduro

Sit up and pay attention! This might be your last opportunity to catch Buraka Som Sistema’s almighty DJ/MC show as you know it today.

Carioca beat in Old Street

Rio Funk didn’t just descend the hills to conquer the night in it’s home town, as it would appear it has also crossed the ocean and found a good home in London.