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Os Mutantes @ Jazz Cafe

After a great showing at the Royal Festival Hall last year, Os Mutantes are back for more! This time, playing in London’s Jazz Cafe over the course of two nights.

Céu @ Jazz Cafe (11/07/11)

Strutting down the stairs to her opening number, it was obvious that Brazilian songstress Céu meant business. After all, with two critically acclaimed albums under her belt, as well as a nomination for Best Contemporary Brazilian Pop Record at last


Céu @ Jazz Cafe

Essentially responsible for the new Sao Paulo scene, copied by countless up-and-coming artists, CéU is one of Brazil’s finest from a very fine crop of new artists. With two albums behind her and a ridiculous amount of collaborations, CéU really


Susana Baca @ Jazz Cafe

Susana Baca has risen to prominence outside of her native Peru as one of shining lights in the resurgence of Afro-Peruvian music. Yet, she is increasingly becoming known as simply a great singer, one who is capable of interpreting a