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The top five clichés about Brazilians

Find out the top five most annoying clichés that Brazilians living abroad have to fend off every day

The curse of immigration

Are immigrants doomed to a split identity? And is it possible to be British and Brazilian at once? Our columnist Victor fraga looks back to his own life and to answer the dilemas

The Immigrant investigates the murky UK border procedures

UK border procedures remain murky and questionable. Our columnist Victor Fraga wants you to help us to highlight the absurdity of this flawed institution by sharing your horror story here.

Should Brazil’s Expats Return?

When did Brazilians become so afraid of adapting? We constantly hear our fellow Brazilians living abroad talking about how much they miss home, but they also say it is impossible for them to go back and re-adapt to their old lives. Why is that?

The Immigrant

Your visa out of the window A grotesque, disturbing and yet engrossing image is stuck in my head: a government official frantically throwing visas out of the window of a departing train, while desperate applicants jump and scramble on the