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Israel’s murderous football

Israel thinks that the Gaza conflict is just a murderous football match without rules, where the referee and the crowd have no importance

The top five clichés about Brazilians

Find out the top five most annoying clichés that Brazilians living abroad have to fend off every day


Where to Watch: Copa America

Copa America 2011 has started and, already, it’s not looking great for the hosts Argentina. After drawing their first two games their tournament is in the balance! And Brazil aren’t faring much better! Thankfully, to watch all the games this summer you can head down to Guanabara or Bar Kick.

World Cup Carnival 2010

From 11th June to 11th July the iconic Shepherds Bush Pavilion is being transformed into a mecca to World Cup football and entertainment.

For the love of the game

JD explores the magical settings that make Brazil’s stadiums a must-see for each and every tourist “One thing is for sure,” says Oncal Vural, from Turkey. “My trip to Rio de Janeiro wouldn’t have been complete If I hadn’t gone

Just for (charitable) kicks

Jungle Drums meets the charity with a thrifty twist putting the spring into sport for África The team at Bounce practically take the ‘d’ out of fundraising. Founded by school friends Ali Little and Mark Shield in January 2008, who

Domestic Division: World Cup Fever

Jungle meets the families preparing for battle as this year’s world cup arrives The year of the World Cup. On one side of the sofa, the country that invented football. On the other, the five-times world champions. Bringing together these