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My everyday padaria treat

One of the things I missed the most while living abroad was my daily trips to the local padaria (bakery). The smell of freshly baked goods and coffee, the banter with the staff, the sense of community. You don’t need

Exclusive Caribbean and Latin tastes of Guanabana

Hard to believe, but right amongst all the commotion in Camden you can find a place to have a truly calm dinner. With its vintage recycled decoration and a pleasant garden, Guanabana has the perfect atmosphere for you to have

Burrito Gourmet – Full of Beans!

First burgers did it. Now it’s the turn of burritos to go gourmet as this little place, naturally called Burrito Gourmet, just a minute from Putney station, has joined the Mexican wave of burrito stalls and fast food outlets cropping

The Mixing Master

Brazilian Chef shares secrets of his most exotic blends. Contemporary cooking is on the menus of the most coveted restaurants of the world, and being one of the most appreciated, it’s also harder to reproduce.

Brasilian sushi

As you probably already know from posters all over town (and the pages of Jungle), Festival Brazil is painting the Southbank Centre yellow and green this summer, and luckily for us it also goes for the restaurants and bars right

Brazilian flavours come to the fore in Festival Brazil

Even only a few years ago, a caipirinha made with sake, vodka or any other fruit except lime was simply unthinkable. But times have changed and Brasil’s national drink has gone international and it’s not without reason that, as part

A spicy Brazilian night in Brixton

The vibrant neighbourhood of Brixton is due to encounter unusual and wonderful spices and flavours on Thursdays April 29th – this is the inaugural ‘Night market at Brixton Village’, in which the so called ‘GloomFest’ will promote all kinds of “good