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Rodizio Preto

In his search for the best rodizio in London, The London Foodie heads to the Victoria branch of Rodizio Preto, where he is impressed how close the restaurant gets to the authentic Brazilian experience.

Canecão Pub

From the outside Canecão doesn’t look any different to the normal pub, many may think this is just another traditional English pub, but as soon as you go through the door things change somewhat.

Caipirinha Jazz Bar

From outside the Caipirinha Jazz Bar, you already get a feeling that, inside, good music will be the order of the day.


Raízes is the only Brasilian restaurant in the East End of London. As if this competitive edge wasn’t enough, the restaurant also offers diners a versatile array of culinary delights: Brazilian cuisine is the eatery’s strong-point, without a doubt, but

Bankete Café e Restaurante

If you’re looking for a tempting slice of Brazil in London, then look no further: you will feel right at home at the Bankete Cafe & Restaurant. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from midday to 11pm, Banket will add a

Rodizio Rico

When I was growing up in Brazil, going to a rodízio restaurant was one of those Sunday rituals that brought the entire family together. Every Brazilian family will have their favourite rodízio, the one they go to regularly and swear

Raízes Brazilian Restaurant

Raízes is a Brazilian restaurant and petiscos (tapas) bar in London’s East End. This lively Brazilian venue attracts a loyal crowd for its honest, homemade-style Brazilian dishes and well priced caipirinhas.

Hidden Sao Paulo gem in London

Every now and again, I come across a gem of place which makes me wonder where on earth I have been in the last year or so. Empório São Paulo has been open since 2009 in New King’s Road, Parson’s

Maracujá Brazilian Food

If a little comfort food is all you’re craving in a grey weekend in London, the Maracujá stalls are a safe bet. Francisco and Bruno started the family business in Brick Lane in 2007, selling typical Brasilian food, and now

Brazilian flavours come to the fore in Festival Brazil

Even only a few years ago, a caipirinha made with sake, vodka or any other fruit except lime was simply unthinkable. But times have changed and Brasil’s national drink has gone international and it’s not without reason that, as part