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Lameck @ Favela Chic

Lameck will be bringing his Sao Paulo influenced sounds to Favela Chic on Wednesday 9th November. Lameck was born in Sao Paulo but studied in Paris and is currently a firm fixture in the music scene over there in the


Lucas Santtana @ Favela Chic

Lucas Santtana celebrates the release of his album Sem Nostalgia in England with this show at Favela Chic. Santtana is a critic’s favourite, no more so the case than on his latest release, which flirts between the manic energy of


Ana Tijoux @ Favela Chic

One of the most respected rappers in Latin America, Ana Tijoux burst out of Chile with her 2009 album 1977. It’s mix of classic hip-hop beats, personal lyrics and Ana’s irresistible flow earnt it a North American release. She comes


Mauricio Velasierra @ Favela Chic

Mauricio Velasierra is a flautist, an inventor and an improviser. He mixes Latin American melodies, Andean rhythms and an element of surprise, brought about by his love of jazz improv. He’s an expect on the flute, an instrument which he

Heidi Vogel @ Favela Chic

Heidi Vogel performs with The Cinematic Orchestra, as well as mining her own style, singing latin and nu-jazz with her incredible band, as she will be doing for this night.

Favela Chic

Seductive Latin flavours with French touches. Great food and atmosphere, as well as one of the best live music venues in London.


Elza Soares @ Favela Chic

This is the kind of news we like! Elza Soares has been confirmed to play Favela Chic on Saturday 15th October. Elza is one of the true stars of samba, famous for a string of hits in the 60s and 70s as well as her affiliation with Rio’s samba schools. This is one rare opportunity to see Elza in London so don’t miss it!


Where to Carnival in London

Notting Hill Carnival 2011 is fast approaching, and will be taking place on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August. After discussions with the Police it has been decided the carnival will end at 7pm on both nights, meaning you’ll need


Muevete @ Favela Chic

Muévete is the pure party version of Movimientos with a dance floor slamming mash up of raw Latin beats with African and Caribbean vibes. With Salsa and Dancehall to Nueva Cumbia, Latin Disco and Tropical Bass sounds Muévete bring the


Loungetude46 @ Favela Chic

Loungetude46 will be bringing their funk/jazz/samba fusion to Favela Chic on Thursday 16th June, where they will be joined by Natema, a Brazilian group attempting the delicate blend of electronic instruments and organic sounds.