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Popozuda Versus Madonna

The title for this article could well be the name for a mashup but is actually about a funny feud that happened after the Superbowl, featuring a new song from Madonna with a certain semblance to João Brasil’s recent L.O.V.E. Banana single.

CSS do it again at XOYO

They did it again. The Brazilian band CSS made a sold-out XOYO shake yesterday on their first club gig in London after the release of their third album La Liberación.



CSS are at XOYO to celebrate the release of their new album La Liberación. Expect one heck of an energetic show!


CSS @ Rough Trade

In-store appearance from CSS, timed to coincide with the release of their third album La Liberación in the UK.

Did Brazilian Music Die in the 70s?

For a special little showdown for the music issue of October, Jungle pitted two high calibre musical minds against each other to debate the state of Brazil’s music industry and output to see if it’s as good as it has