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Small poet, big screen

The Brazilian Film Festival is back this May with a selection of brand new films and a homage to Brazil’s “little poet”


City of God @ London World Film Festival

Rio Film School are hosting the Brazilian night of the London World Film Festival, which means a screening of City of God as well as a Q+A with Leandro Firmino (aka Lil Ze from City of God) and a few

Interview with Fernando Meirelles

Fernando Meirelles is a man in demand. The renowned director of City of God, Constant Gardener and Blindness, is in town to present his new film, 360, which opened the 55th BFI London Film Festival yesterday. JD tracked him down for a chat.

Britain Through the Eyes of Andre Camara

Andre Camara is a photojournalist from Brazil, made famous by his photos that later inspired City of God. He has lived in London for the last 20 years and recently featured in a film for Britain’s Foreign Office in which

Interview with Wagner Moura

“The police do not exist to protect people in Brazil, they exist to protect the state.” Wagner Moura on his role in Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

Interview with José Padilha

He gets angry when the chat turns to “fascism.” But he knows a lot about the roots of violence in Rio. Why did his film cause such furore. JungleDrums talks to José Padilha, director of Elite Squad.

Elite Squad – A Slap in the Face for Society

With Elite Squad 2 being released in the UK on August 12th we take a look at the controversy that the first film caused upon it’s release in 2007.

New London-Rio Film Partnership

Rio de Janeiro and London agree new partnership to exchange trade, talent and culture from their film communities as the ties between the two capital cities continues to grow.