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Story of Latin Music in London

It’s almost time for La Linea, London’s Latin music festival. This year will be the 12th edition of what is now an integral part of London’s Latin scene, a scene that began in the 1940s, as this storywheel tells us.


La Linea 2012 Line-up

The line-up for La Linea 2012, the latest edition of London’s premier Latin music festival, has been announced. Happening between the 16th and 27th April, there is surely something for everyone with artists coming from Latin America and Europe, as well as a fine array of London’s top Latin talent.


A triple Brazilian bill to die for

April will bring some of the most exciting new talent from Brazil to London’ biggest Latin music festival. A holy triumvirate of Céu, Curumin and Lucas Santana will be appearing at Koko on Thursday 19th April as part of La

So Nice to Céu

The soulful singer-songwriter from Sao Paulo will be returning to London on Monday night to play at The Jazz Café in Camden. We decided the the time was right to ask her a few questions about the band she will be bringing with her, when we can expect a third album and just what she thinks of England.

Céu @ Jazz Cafe (11/07/11)

Strutting down the stairs to her opening number, it was obvious that Brazilian songstress Céu meant business. After all, with two critically acclaimed albums under her belt, as well as a nomination for Best Contemporary Brazilian Pop Record at last

Red Hot + Rio 2 (Music Review)

Recently released, Red Hot + Rio 2 is a new album produced by the Red Hot Organization, a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1989, that fights AIDS using the power of pop music. Red Hot was created as a response to


Céu @ Jazz Cafe

Essentially responsible for the new Sao Paulo scene, copied by countless up-and-coming artists, CéU is one of Brazil’s finest from a very fine crop of new artists. With two albums behind her and a ridiculous amount of collaborations, CéU really

Céu’s Six Influential Records

It seems that every new singer coming out of Sao Paulo has been influenced by CéU in some way. Therefore, we thought it would be interesting to find out which are the records that have had the biggest influence on CéU and these are the six that she picked…

Did Brazilian Music Die in the 70s?

For a special little showdown for the music issue of October, Jungle pitted two high calibre musical minds against each other to debate the state of Brazil’s music industry and output to see if it’s as good as it has

Ablaze with musical talent

Blaze Festival is already well under way, but if you’re not yet in on the action, fear not, as you’ve by no means missed the boat. Now into its second year, the programme for the Barbican’s summer festival is as