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Tulipa Returns to London

Tulipa Ruiz charmed the audience at her last London appearance thanks to her mix of playfulness, an effortlessly great voice and a selection of fine tunes from her debut album Efêmera that seem impossible to grow tired of.


Queen of the Bateria Competition 2011

The UK’s finest samba competition (with celebrity judges) will be choosing the 2011 winner of the most prestigious samba prize out there, as they choose Queen of the Bateria Competition 2011.


La Linea returns for more Latin festivities

La Linea 2011 will bring an eclectic range of Latin music to London this April, ranging from Spanish flamenco and Argentine cumbia to Cuban son and the Judeo-Spanish Ladino music!

The Twelves at Cargo

It’s gone 2.30am, Sunday, May 23. The sound has gone off for the second time during the set and the lights are on. But the crowd at Shoreditch’s Cargo doesn’t go anywhere.