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World premiere of Mojo, a new show blending world music, puppetry and dance, and featuring Brazilian percussionist and composer Adriano Adewale and singer and trumpeter Leo Altarelli. This is the perfect show for families this Christmas, full of magic and

Interview with Rodrigo Pederneiras

Grupo Corpo are one of Brazil’s leading contemporary dance companies, renowned for their typically Brazilian creations that combine classical ballet techniques with elements from Brazil’s popular music and dance. They’re now returning to London for four nights and we have interviewed choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras.


Grupo Corpo: Ímã & Onqotô @ Sadler’s Wells

Brazilian dance company Grupo Corpo‘s take on clasical ballet has earnt them much praise since their formation in 1975. Across four nights at Sadler’s Wells they will be performing Ímã and Onqotô, two pieces featuring music by +2, Caetano Veloso


Hitchcock, Cameo and dance prizes

With a dance piece called Cameo amid the finalists of the prestigious The Place Prize, Brazilian dancer  Mariana Camiloti talks to Jungle about her work, collaboration, and the inspriation of Hitchcock.

Interview with Brazilian Dance Choreographer Mafê Toledo

Brazilian dance choreographer and Jungle collaborator Mafê Toledo shares her thoughts on a sense of belonging, migration and personal boundaries both in London and in her latest performance piece.

Capoeira: the dance of slaves & kings

Created by African slaves in Brazil, capoeira combines the balance and flexibility of acrobatics with the grace and strength of dance, the speed and cunning of fighting and the rhythm of music into a powerful harmony

Deborah Colker and Brazilian Contemporary Dance

The insatiable mind behind Brazil’s largest contemporary dance company, Deborah Colker speaks to Jungle about the building of her career and her new show, Cruel Perseverance and a lot of energy. These are, without a doubt, two of the most