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Israel’s murderous football

Israel thinks that the Gaza conflict is just a murderous football match without rules, where the referee and the crowd have no importance

Brazil 7 – 0 Russia

Many qualities of Brazil were forgotten and overlooked during the World Cup, but they will be sorely missed when we land in tyrannical and bigoted Russia in four years

So, just how Latin are you?

¡Ay, caramba! This World Cup is testing the allegiances of Brazilians: shall we align ourselves with our poor Latin neighbours or with our distant and rich cousins in the Northern hemisphere?

In defence of Brazil: we are not a nation of slackers

An irresponsible piece of journalism in The Economist earlier this week portrayed Brazilians as lazy workers who are alone too blame for all of their woes. I beg to differ.

No male maids allowed!!!

If you want a Brazilian maid, she has to be female – our sexist language mandates

Adidas scores freak own goal

Heart-shaped buttocks representing Brazil – what comes next? The Immigrant questions the consequences of Adidas´s epic World Cup fail

The real colours of Brazil

Win five copies of Sounds and Colour’s ‘Brazil’ – a compilation of the best in Brazilian music and arts

Apartheid lives on… in Brazil!

Nelson Mandela would be deeply shocked and embarrased had he visited Brazil before he died

The Great Kilapy

A unique collaboration between three continents and three Portuguese speaking countries opened the 4th UK Portuguese Film Festival last night

The top five clichés about Brazilians

Find out the top five most annoying clichés that Brazilians living abroad have to fend off every day