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Responding to the Riots

The Sony distribution centre in Enfield was home to releases from many of the UK’s independent music labels and film distribution companies. When it burnt down on Monday night all of that stock was lost. Here’s how you can help our indies recover!

Dark Habits (Film Review)

Pedro Almodovar is undoubtedly Spain’s best-known and most important contemporary filmmaker. It is no surprise then that the recent BFI season Good Morning Freedom! Spanish Cinema After Franco should include half a dozen of his films amongst the 13 titles in the selection. Of these Dark Habits is his third.

Looking ahead to the London Film Festival 2010

With the world’s best new films soon to be arriving at the festival in October, and always a good bet for catching some South American titles (with the likes of Gigante, Sightseeing, Plan B and The Wind Journeys in 2009),