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Samba Chula de What?

Yes, it’s a complicated name, but an unmissable show at Momo’s. The community of São Braz in Bahia is one of the few remaining in Brazil to perform the Samba Chula style of music. Now they come to England for the first time to spread the word.

The Hippie-Chic Village of Trancoso

Trancoso is a small Bahian town, founded in 1586 with just two rows of houses, a lawn and a church. Now, it’s been renovated into hotels, bars and restaurants, creating a charming travel destination.

Boipeba’s Natural Marvels

Boipeba – much-hyped in recent years as the hot, new, unspoilt Brazilian beach destination – certainly runs the risk of suffering this fate. One of the islands of the Tinharé archipelago, off the southern stretch of the coast of Bahia state, Boipeba is undoubtedly a paradise.

Reinventing the aesthetics of Capoeira

Capoeira has been used as the subject (or device) of many films in recent years. Here, Ricardo Cangaceiro looks at the history of capoeira in film as well as reviewing Capoeira: Fly Away Beetle, the newest addition to this sequence.


Asa de Águia @ O2 Academy Brixton

Asa de Águia are one of the most successful axé bands to come out of Bahia releasing 19 albums so far in their career, with over five million sales. They’re going to be coming to Brixton’s O2 Academy on a

Brazil Bound with Michael Sommers

Michael Sommers is the author of Moon Brazil and Moon Rio de Janeiro, two great guidebooks for anyone looking to explore the country. We sat down with Michael to ask him a few questions about Brazil, and how best to enjoy the country.

Acarajé – an iconic Brazilian snack

Italy has pizza, the USA has the hamburger and Mexico has the taco, so what would does Brazil have? Many will tell you it’s the acarajé. It’s taste or simply it’s aroma is enough for many to bring back all their glorious memories of Brazil.

Itacaré – A Sustained Paradise

Sleepy fishing village turned hot destination, Itacaré now needs to be preserved.
When you ask a Baiano about Itacaré you are met with a wistful and distant longing in their eyes and a big smile. Having witnessed the picturesque paradise first hand, I can finally see why.

Youth Orchestra of Bahia (Review)

After making their European debut last year, the Youth Orchestra of Bahia returned in May to perform with Lang Lang at the Royal Festival Hall.


Lang Lang feat. Youth Orchestra of Bahia

The much-heralded Chinese pianist Lang Lang has inspired a number of concerts at the Southbank Center this summer. Among his performances will be a show with the Youth Orchestra of Bahia, last seen kicking up a storm at the same