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Changing the face of walls

Brazilian photographer Raquel Brust returns once again to bring her project GIGANTO from Sao Paulo to London for the second time.

Books & coffee: Paraty’s FLIP

Everything began in 2003. It was the first year of FLIP – Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty (Paraty International Literary Festival) – and despite the lack of pretensions on the part of the organisers, who were afraid of a huge

The Structure of the Future

A strong economy and two huge events are truly revolutionising Brazil’s architecture – and cities! Who hasn’t heard that slogan saying “Brazil’s the country of the future”? Because it seems to be getting ever more serious. Brazil has already become,

Festival Brazil in full swing

JD picks the best of the hottest event this summer: Southbank Centre’s Festival Brazil It’s been a long time in the making and it wasn’t easy. Over 70 Brazilian events in the form of concerts, exhibitions, talks, films and performances

The Southbank’s role model favela

The project that started out like child’s play and changed the life of a community “In 1997, when I was 14, there were two paths I could’ve taken in life, but the wealth and respect promised by the world of

Elephant Parade

Street art on the march Q – How do elephants find each other in the dark? A – Delightful! Yes, elephants have been inspiring humans since time immortal – and they’re revered as symbols of good luck, wealth, prosperity and

Pop up art in Clerkenwell

Down on Clerkenwell there’s a beautiful space filled with a mix of delicate artwork from three fascinating artists; the exhibition entitled ‘Magic beans’, which refers to their Anglo-Brazilian roots.

Bianca Turner: Ancestral memories

Beginning on May15th, a video installation and a short film about memory, namely nostalgia, by the Brazilian performance artist Bianca Turner, will take place at 16mm Deli & Café. The whole exhibition is based on the memory processes, codes and

From Africa to the World

Get closer to the Yoruba culture around the world with an African afternoon at the British Museum. Yoruba is one of the largest ethnic groups in west Africa, predominantly in Nigeria, which with the African Diaspora spreads its beliefs and

Nuno Ramos: fodasefoice

This being his first solo UK show, Ramos has been developing the series over a great number of years, presenting large-scale sculptures, video, drawings and performance.