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Amazon Photography Exhibition

An exhibition bringing together work from two photographers – Sebasti√£o Salgado and Per Anders Pettersson – that highlight the Amazon region and it’s people. The exhibition is in support of Sky Rainforest Rescue.


Can fashion save the Amazon?

Bia Saldanha is a Brazilian fashion designer, social entrepreneur, eco-pioneer and also one of the founders of the Brazilian Green Party. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she now lives in the heart of Amazonian rainforest. Now, if that doesn’t sound

A glimpse of the untouched

Raising awareness with unique photos of uncontacted Brazilian indians, some of the last in the world, Survival International aims to combat the impending threats the tribes face.

Signing away the Amazon

In a desperate attempt to preserve a vast area of the Amazon and defend the lives of thousands of people, the world is mobilised against the Belo Monte project.