El Aguajal

Have you ever heard of purple corn? This strange grain is used in sweets, ice-creams and traditional dishes in Peru and will certainly surprise those who have yet to try the Andean cuisine. “Nobody believes it, but it’s true that purple corn exists. I buy the powdered version and it makes a great dessert: the ‘Mazamorra Morada’ (a delicious type of jelly that also has apples, cherries, plums and cinnamon in it)”, explains Aristídes Prada.

He is the owner of El Aguajal, a Peruvian restaurant on Kingston Road, Dalston, that is Prada’s first venture in London but by no means a first-timer, for he’s got 18 years of experience in the business back in Peru.

The restaurant (and its four sister businesses in Peru) is named after the Aguajal, a rare Amazonian fruit that’s popular amongst the Indigenous populations of Peru and only grows in the rainforest – sadly the little fruit isn’t yet available over here. Prada, nonetheless is doing his best to bring Peruvian cuisine to London. El Aguajal specialises in fish dishes; food is very fresh and prepared on the spot. A popular dish is Ceviche – fish or shellfish served with lemon. The menu also has options for meat lovers, such as the pork chunks marinated
in vinegar and brown chillies. In the drinks department you can choose from the well-known pisco to a Siete Raíces, a blend of alcohol and seven Amazonian herbs that allegedly is an aphrodisiac.


El Aguajal
578 Kingsland Road,
E8 4AH
Tube: Hackney
020 7923 4883

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  1. Hans

    Is this restaurant still opened? they don’t have a website, only a blog without actualization since 2008…!!!

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