Tortilla Mexican Restaurant

Let’s be honest, eating wraps is not easy. You could almost say it’s an art – and one which requires practice. Good to know there are now six Tortillas in town then.

These Californian/Mexican-inspired joints specialise in burritos, fajitas and tacos, and have started to take over London with restaurants in Bank, Canary Wharf, Oxford Circus, Leadenhall Market and Hammersmith, in addition to the first outlet in Angel.

Amongst the tasty fillings you can choose from there is Tortilla’s special lime and corriander rice, different bean stews, and other treats such as slow-cooked Pork, freshly made Guacamole and three homemade sauces with jalapeno peppers – and varying degrees of spiciness!

For those of us (such as food journalists) who need to watch our waistlines, Tortilla also do a ‘Naked Burrito’ –
which means you get the fillings without the tortilla. And if you’re an amateur wrap-eater, there’s the soft taco option, which will get you two small wraps and the fillings. Highly recommended as a starter or on-the-go snack are the tortilla chips and dips, and the bottled beers.

You can sit inside, or outside and watch the world go about its business or, if it’s a quick, tasty snack you’re after, get yours wrapped to go.


13 Islington High Street,
N1 9LQ
Tube: Angel

Unit 11A – 106 Southwark Street,
Tube: Bank

18 North Colonnade
E14 4EU
Tube: Canary Wharf / Canary DLR

6 Market Place
Tube: Oxford Circus

28 Leadenhall Market
Tube: Bank / Monument

6A King Street
W6 0QA
Tube: Hammersmith

0207 620 0285

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