In Mexican culture, Chilango is the nickname given to someone who inhabits the country’s capital, Mexico City. After dining in Chilango the restaurant on Fleet Street, you can almost believe you are one of them.

Thanks to Erik Pataker, an American who moved to London a few years ago and felt frustrated he couldn’t find the kind of high quality Mexican food he loved, and as someone who grew up in the restaurant business, the natural move was to co-found his own place.

Chilango, however, combines quality with speed, at surprisingly low prices for this end of town – you can eat a well-crafted taco for less than £5, for example. The menu is simple, but has something for everyone, and a choice of burritos, tacos and salads with a mouth-watering range of fillings made with fresh ingredients – even the guacamole and salsa are made fresh every day.

Pataker makes sure the customers’ taste buds are looked after: the meat marinades are left for a whole day to give a wholesome flavour, based on chillis which are imported especially from Mexico. “There’s an incredible array and depth of flavours in Mexican chillis from the sweet anchos to the smokey chipotles”, explains Pataker.

The restaurant is vibrant, colourful and many of the staff are Latin American. You can sip your Mexican beer
listening to the latest sounds from the country, brought straight from the streets of Mexico City.



142 Fleet St

27 Upper Street
N1 0PN
Tube: Angel

76 Chancery Lane
Tube: Chancery Lane

Lower Thames Walk
Bluewater Shopping Centre

020 7353 6761

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