Burrito Gourmet – Full of Beans!

First burgers did it. Now it’s the turn of burritos to go gourmet as this little place, naturally called Burrito Gourmet, just a minute from Putney station, has joined the Mexican wave of burrito stalls and fast food outlets cropping up over the city.

And the friendly Mexican owners know what they’re up to, already running the successful Tacuba Bar and Restaurant over in

This new joint serves filling food in a flash – the perfect lunchtime alternative to your standard sandwich or fried food. Simplicity is the key – you choose from a burrito, taco or nachos, pick your filling – chicken, steak, pork or veggie -, add your preferred homemade sauce – mild cream chipotle or spicy but sweet habanero chillo – and away you

The Chicken Chipotle Burrito (£5) is slow cooked with with tomato and onion and then shredded. The more interesting Pork Pibil Burrito (£5.50) was indeed rather tasty, with the pork braised in an Achiote sauce made using orange, grapefruit and spices. If you prefer something more piquant, we’d recommend the beef filling (£5), with the Chilli Adobo and Guajillo creating a spicier flavour. And if you’re feeling hungry then opt for a burrito as opposed to taco as you get slightly more filling, or add on some guacamole (an extra 50p).

Though not a place for a proper sit down meal there are bar stools to rest and munch, but really it is a place to come to for fresh, healthy fast food on the go; a great budget eat that hits the spot.


Burrito Gourmet
220 Upper Richmond Road – SW15 6TD
East Putney
020 8788 682

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