Exclusive Caribbean and Latin tastes of Guanabana

Hard to believe, but right amongst all the commotion in Camden you can find a place to have a truly calm dinner. With its vintage recycled decoration and a pleasant garden, Guanabana has the perfect atmosphere for you to have a nice conversation with your friends or date while enjoying amazing food created by the owner, Omar Shah.

Omar used to work at his father’s Thai restaurant down the road but two years ago he decided to open Guanabana. He is neither from the Caribbean nor Latin America, and it is precisely because of this that he researches the influences of these cuisines and combines them successfully, creating unique dishes only to be found in his restaurant.

For a starter try the Flying Adobo, tasty chicken wings served with sweet sauce (£4.25). For a main course there are numerous choices of meat, chicken and burgers, but the best option is the Grilled Snapper Fillet, crispy on the outside and extremely soft on the inside, perfectly combined with the sweet flavour of the baked platanos (£11.95).  Another sea food option is the Pan fried Sea Bass fillets with garlic spring greens, feta cheese mash, and a delicious coconut herb sauce (£12.75).

The restaurant doesn’t sell alcohol but you can bring yours. They also offer many options of exotic mocktails and juices. Try the Guanabana Berry Breezer, made with mixed berries, guanabana and lime (£3.50). For desert, try the Frittered bananas in spiced syrup served with coconut ice cream or the Meringue fresh whipped cream & mixed berries.


85 Kentish Town Road – NW1 8NY
Camden Town
0207 485 1166

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  1. T Dot

    Wikid spot make sure you check it out real good food and fantastic atmosphere all for a good price. One of my favorite places to eat never get bored and beautiful setting also. massive shout out to the guanabanna crew

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