Gostosa Pizzeria

“Everyone around here knows how to say ‘Ola’ and ‘Obrigada,’” says Adriana, the owner of the Gostosa Pizzeria in Willesden Junction, “because there are so many Brazilians!” They might not, however, know the meaning of the word “gostosa”, which translates as delicious and gorgeous – a name which this particular pizzeria lives up to.

Gostosa has been in business for nine years, in an area that is famous for its concentration of Brazilian residents, shops and eateries. But this menu is a little different from the bean stews and meat rodizios typically associated with Brazilian cuisine, with a focus on pizza and burgers – à la Brazil.

What’s so special about a Brazilian burger, you might ask? Well, one look at Gostosa’s “X-Burger” menu will tell
you: it’s all about the ingredients. Take the X-Tudo, for example: a quarter-pounder beef burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, ham, sweetcorn, egg and Brazilian potato chips – for £4.90.

The pizza menu is recognisably Brazilian too – with specially imported ingredients such as palm-hearts and Catupiry, a savoury cream cheese typically eaten with chicken. If you’re after something traditional and sweet, there’s passion fruit mousse, beijinho (a coconut sweet), brigadeiro (made with chocolate and condensed milk) and pudim (Brazilian crème caramel). But for the more inquisitive and adventurous it would be a shame not to try a ‘dessert’ pizza, with banana, cinnamon, sugar, and yes – cheese.

Burgers (£4.50 – £8.90)
Pizzas (£7.90 – £14.90)
Always lots of special offers


Gostosa Pizzeria
159 High St Harlesden,
Tube: Willesden Junction

020 8964 3763

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