Buen Ayre

The signature dish at Buen Ayre is any variation of their parrillada, a selection of meats, cheese and mushroom served on a hot grill. The grill, similar to a portable barbecue, uses smouldering hot charcoal to keep the meat hot throughout the meal at your table.

Types of parillada include the Parillada Deluxe, containing prime cuts like rib-eye and sirloin in addition to sausages and other meats. Another option Parrillada Mixta, a mixture of different cuts and sausages with melted provolone cheese and mushroom.

Their Argentinian wine list is comprehensive and well priced catering to all budgets.

Perfect meat, perfect chips & morcilla, charming service and great wine. I would rate Buen Ayre as one of the best value Argentinian restaurants in London, and as good as the ones I tried in Brazil. I will most certainly be coming back. Highly recommended.

Words by Luiz Hara

Mondays to Fridays from 6pm to 10.30pm
Plus, Fridays from 12 to 3
Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm to 3.30pm and from 6pm to 10.30pm

Buen Ayre
50 Broadway Market
E8 4QJ
Tube: Bethnal Green Station
Tel. 020 7275 9900


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