A La Cruz

Recently opened in Farringdon, Central London, A La Cruz is a very traditional Argentine restaurant and a great suggestion for barbecue lovers: it’s the only place in the UK with an asador, a fire pit surrounded by metal crosses used in Argentina to cook whole sides of meat. Made from wood, the grill gives the meat a special flavour, which is quite different from meat grilled on charcoal. So you can see their “unique selling point” while waiting for your food (it can be difficult for those who have trouble looking at raw meat, but it’s interesting nonetheless).

As a starter, you could try a choice of empanadas (Argentine style filled pastries) such as beef, spinach and ricotta, ham and cheese or sweetcorn. They’re pretty tasty and will whet your appetite enough to leave you looking forward to the main course.
There’s also the morcilla (grilled pork black pudding with onion), or the molleja (grilled sweetbreads), served with lemon wedges.
For a full meal, we’d recommend A La Cruz Tradicional (£24 with sweetbreads/£20 without, per person), a selection of barbecue containing boneless flank, black pudding, pork sausages, short-ribs and other assorted cuts. It’s really filling and you’ll get the chance to try a wide variety of meats.

If you still have room for dessert, panqueques are the way to go: filled either with berries, rosehip, sugar and lemon or dulce de leche – our absolute favourite! – they’ll make you go to heaven with each bite.

42 Northampton Rd, EC1R 0HU
020 7837 1999

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