Canecão Pub

From the outside Canecão doesn’t look any different to the normal pub, many may think this is just another traditional English pub, but as soon as you go through the door things change somewhat.

Canecão is the recently opened Brazilian pub which brings the idea of the Brazilian boteco (corner street bar) with appetisers and ice cold beer to London. Live music, with a space set aside for those who like to play snooker and a huge screen which broadcasts live the Brazilian Championship and Brazil International games to fans. These are just some of the examples of what this place has to offer. On the menu, among all the tasty items, aside from the portion of chicken hearts (a typical Brazilian dish), what really caught my attention was the “CaipiBeer”.

It’s a caipirinha made with beer, created exclusively by Canecão.

The pub is really close to King’s Cross and is open every day of the week from 11am and on Sundays you can enjoy a full feijoada accompanied by samba.

by Bruna Pennacchiotti


17 York Way Rd
N7 9QG
Tube: Camden Town
020 7485 4738

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  1. Kely

    estive no canecao,gostei da comida,
    mas o ambiente dpois das 20 horas eh pesado, ate parece local de prostituicao .. homens mau encarados,e mulheres agindo como prostitutas, … e nao cumprem oq dizem na propaganda,fui cm amigos e amigas,e nao recebemos nada das ofertas, reservei mesa,e qdo cheguei la,um rapaz queria arrumar confusao..enfim clima pesado,,nao aconselho a niguem ir .. a nao ser que seja esse tipo de local que estaja a procura … Mas fui otima atendida pelas meninas do bar..

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