Mobiles and cons

Did you know that use of mobile phones is forbidden inside banks in the city of São Paulo? Since August 2011, mobile phone use is banned by law within bank branches and also at ATMs.

Mayor Gilberto Kassab created the law as an attempt to reduce the number of muggings of customers, particularly those who withdraw large amounts of cash –  the cons would let their mates know that a customer with plenty of money is leaving the bank, by texting or calling them from inside the branch.

Under the law, banks are also responsible for prohibiting the use of mobile phones within their premises. If an inspector finds a customer talking on their mobile phone or sending text messages inside a bank branch, the bank will be fined 2,500 Reais. The value doubles for every recurrence.

However, the penalties are not yet applicable, because banks apparently need to adapt to the law. Meanwhile, you can text and chat away while going about your banking business in Sampa. And so can the villains.

Image: Gustavo Buriola (CC)

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