Back to the Future

Hmmm, how do I start? Since I wrote the last post for this column in August 2010, a lot has happened…

Well yeah, life changes and sometimes it changes quite a bit, as a lot of fellow Brazilians in London will agree. In the last few months, I saw the summer come and go, consumed substantial amounts of gin (with slim line tonic, I might add) at my local boozer, as well as plenty of pizza at the best pizza joint in London, wrote and published a book and got married. Two days after I got married, I left London to move back to São Paulo, my hometown.

No, I am not a total nutcase and didn’t abandon my husband or do it all on a whim. For many reasons – including family, the horrible weather I never managed to get used to and the general state of the economy in the UK – I couldn’t stick around in London for much longer.

So here I am, writing from my place in central SP, where I am restarting my life with my Englishman. In the many years I’ve been away, this place has changed enormously – in some ways, the country seems to have moved backwards. But overall, Brazil has made huge progress, in many aspects.

Against all odds and to prove my family and friends wrong – they all thought I would live in London forever! – I am back in my old stomping ground. The Brazilian land of dreams, the concrete jungle. I will use this space to register my observations, challenges, victories and adventures as someone who is a kind of foreigner in her own country. And I hope readers will find it interesting to read the views from the frontline, on the far side.

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