Top 10 tips for Brazilians in the UK

To beach or not to beach, that is the question!

Are you moving to the UK and settling in for the first time? Then find how to make yourself at home and integrate with the local culture without giving up your Brazilian identity.

For anyone moving from one country to another, there will be a lot of major adjustments to make. Moving in general is no picnic, but when you’re headed to a different nation altogether there are often additional concerns, from changes in currency and language, to differences in climate and temperature, to general culture shock. Quite frankly, it’s a great deal for anyone to manage.

For Brazilians moving to the UK, the changes can be particularly stark, as these are simply two very different parts of the world. Yet the UK is one of those areas where people come to live from all over, so a Brazilian community does indeed exist there. This makes it easy for Brazilian expats to both enjoy a bit of their own culture and integrate with that of the UK. With that in mind, here are 10 tips for a Brazilian adjusting to a new life in the UK – both for enjoying a bit of home atmosphere and soaking up all the UK has to offer.

1) Get out of town – While it’s nice to get a feel for the actual town you move to – be it a major city like London or elsewhere in the UK – it’s also important to get out and explore the greater country. The UK in particular offers a varied culture, and even varied geography, with an immense deal to explore. In further immersing yourself in UK culture, it’s a good idea to make an effort to explore the country, and not just your new home town. We recommend a visit to Manchester for those who want to experiment nightlife, or a trip to Edinburgh and Northern Scotland for those looking for stunning scenaries, nature, history and culture.

2) Grow some flowers – Coming from an area like Brazil, you might miss some of the lush local plant life. You won’t quite be able to grow everything from home in the UK, but roses are one great option. You will be impressed with the outcome, as they thrive more beutifully and intensively than in the tropics. You can get perennial flowers like rain lilies to grow in the warmer seasons up north. Or try entirely new options such as cyclamen, primrose and pansies for the winter!

3) Take up football – South American and English football vary greatly, but you can find comfort in taking up a club team in the UK! Choose a Premier League side to follow if you grew up a football fan. Arsenal and Chelsea are both from London.

4) Share your culture – Don’t just focus on soaking up the UK culture – share your own! As you make new friends, invite them to try your own local recipes, drinks, activities, etc. Finding the ingredients for a feijoada or muqueca is easier than you might think. African and Caribbean shops tend to sell all types of beans, palm oil and pig parts. And now you can find cassava flour (farinha) at Morrison’s (one of the largest supermarket chains).

5) Regulate your home climate – Regulate Your Home Climate – You might be shocked how much temperature, and even humidity differences bother you on a daily basis.  When living in a new environment, many people will seek to adjust temperatures, and heating and air conditioning can affect the humidity in your home (which should typically be at or below 50 percent for optimal comfort). The right dehumidifier can help you to keep a gauge on this aspect of your home atmosphere and stay as comfortable as possible at the temperature you prefer. The Neostar Advanced Dessicant Dehumidifier is one option of a very helpful one, as it’s compact enough to easily move room to room and can take up to 8 litres of moisture out of your home in a given day. The Neostar is available online (just click here), where incidentally there’s also a helpful guide that tells you a bit about using dehumidifiers and the various benefits they can offer.

6) Consider the beach – Don’t blindly assume the UK lacks good beaches. It may not be Brazil, but there are plenty of great options when it’s warm. Visit Bournemouth, Devon and Cornwall for sandy beaches, but you may also be plesantly surprised by the more nostalgic, romantic and pebbled options such as Newgale Sands (in Pembrokeshire) and Cley-Next-The-Sea (in Norfolk, pictured above). Or try Brighton Beach for a more groovy atmosphere.

7) Follow a new sport – We mentioned taking up an English football club, which can be a very fun and easy option. But there are actually various sports that are distinctly British in history and with regard to following, so this can be a very natural and communal way to integrate with a new community. Be it rugby, cricket, or even golf or tennis, following a UK athlete or league in a new sport gives you a great new hobby unique to your new home.

8) Eat out – Particularly in London, you’ll find plenty of options. Just join Top Table, Square Meal or Last Minute (just click on the names) for the best deals and a variety of restaurants – Brazilian and from all parts of the world – where you can indulge in reminiscence or experiment something new.

9) Consider suburban living – Finally, consider living in the countryside. Cities in the UK can be crowded, but the suburban options get lots of sun and open space, which can be very appealing to those used to warmer and sunnier areas. Don’t be put off by the distance. Try some the leafy districts of Kent, Surrey, Essex and Middlesex, where you can find spacious, comfortable and cheap accommodation within reach of central London in less than 30 minutes.

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