Smells like Salvador spirit

Have you ever been to the colonial capital of Brazil and the city with the largest African population in the Americas? A town abundant with history, music, food, culture, party and urban smells, Salvador is now one the centrepieces in the project entitled Streets of… 7 Cities in 7 Minutes by Italian artist Alda Terraciano.

Movement and ginga (swing) represent the living image of Salvador, while atabaques (afro-Brazilian hand-drums) symbolise the sound, and the palm oil in the acarajé (the local delicacy pictured above) overpower our smelling senses, at least according to Alda. But what about you? Help Alda to create a collective memory of Salvador by submitting your photos and stories of the city to

The project will culminate in an exhibition at the Rich Mix in East London in January 2013.

The artist selected Salvador because of its complex history, being a connecting point between the European colonisers, African slaves and native indigenous people. The capital of Bahia was instrumental in the transatlantic slave trade in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and the local ceremonies, street food and cuisine still reflect this. The link with Portugal is also clearly visible in the architecture, language and food. Alda wants to emphasise the migratory connections between different parts of the world, and so Lisbon is also featured on the project.

This could be a highly dynamic collection of psychological and ancestral views of one of the most exciting and diverse cities of Brazil, so make sure that you send your contribution this month and attend the exhibition in January. The entrance is free!

Top picture by Elói Corrêa/SECOM

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