Little Brazilians: “Falamos português!”

O Clube dos Brasileirinhos is a complimentary Saturday school that teaches Portuguese to children who have one or both parents who are Brazilian. In some cases, where both parents are Brazilian the predominant language spoken at home is Portuguese, but on the whole, the main language spoken at home tends to be English, followed by Portuguese.

The “Clube” also welcomes children from other Portuguese speaking communities and currently have one pupil who is not of Brazilian parentage, but speaks Portuguese as her mother is from a lusophone country.

Above all, the pupils regularly speak or hear Portuguese as an integral part of their daily lives. The teaching at the school is therefore invaluable as it gently reinforces and builds upon the children’s varying degrees of knowledge.

Clube dos Brasileirinhos teaches Portuguese as an inherited language, this essentially means that the multilingual (or bilingual) children have acquired Portuguese through their parents backgrounds and thus inherited all cultural and linguistic ties that bind their parents to their own native tongue.

The aim to nurture and encourage this by actively focusing and exploring all aspects of Brazilian culture, ranging from history, geography, the arts, folklore and myths and legends. All lessons take place within a relaxed and friendly setting designed to encourage children to keenly explore and immerse themselves in the beauty of our language without fear or trepidation.

More about Clube do Brasileirinhos
Established approximately 3 and a half years ago it was the brainchild of a group of Brazilian parents living in North London. Their aim was to create a group to cater for Bilingual English/Portuguese children in their area.

Lessons take place every Saturday between 10am-12 midday. Fees are £10.80 for a 2 hour lesson. All term dates are set in accordance with the British academic calendar.

(As an exception to the rule, they will not break up for half term as this semester is already incredibly short.)

Trial sessions are welcomed, although this will need to be added to the fees should the child join our school.

Clube dos Brasileirinhos
Golders Green Unitarian Church Hall,
31½ Hoop Lane, London NW11 8BS.
For more information please contact Claudia ou Silvia

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