Brazil visits Shakespeare twice in London

Thousands of artists from all over the world will be taking part in 70 productions in The World Shakespeare Festival, and Brazil is taking part with two innovative theatre companies from this week on.The Roundhouse, the amazing venue in North London, will receive, from the 18th to 23rd of May, the Companhia Bufomecânica, with the play Two Roses for Richard III – a visually stunning interpretation of Shakespeare’s historic plays, combining theatre, music, circus, aerial skills, visual metaphor and multimedia.

On the other side of the river,  at the World famous Globe Theatre, Grupo Galpão will bring its carnivalesque Romeo and Juliet – as part of the event Globe to Globe – on May 19th and 20th, with its thrilling mix of circus, music, dance and Brazilian folk culture.

The play Two Roses from Richard III reunites two of Brazil’s leading directors: Claudio Baltar from the circus companies Intrepida and Archaos, and Fabio Ferreira, known for his text-based theatre and multimedia work. A guaranteed array of astonishing costumes will be on display thanks to the knowledge and experience of the costume designer – the renowned carnival winner Rosa Magalhães, who collects five titles of Rio’s carnival.

Almost at the same time, Grupo Galpão will take over Globe’s stage for the second time and promises to repeat the same success it enjoyed the last time around, featuring circus language and live music – played by the actors, translating world classics into Brazilian popular culture, in a wonderful mix between the popular and the erudite.

The World Shakespeare Festival is a celebration of Shakespeare’s world’s playwright, produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, in an unprecedented collaboration with leading UK and international arts organizations. Almost 60 partners are coming together to bring the Festival alive. The festival has been running since  April 21st and is part of the London 2012 Festival which is the culmination of the Cultural Olympiad.

By Bruna Gala

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