The holy book of tapas

The Spanish restaurant that turned into a book

The latest edition of Tapas: Simple Combinations, Striking Flavours may have a new cover, but the thinking behind it (albeit subconsciously) began about 20 years ago. That’s because its authors, Carlos Horrillo and Patrick Morcas, are the owners of El Parador (, a Camdnen restaurant specialised in the famous small servings.
Since opening its doors in 1988, the restaurant has worked to reintroduce and reinvent the traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine, and the resulting recipes in this book are a greatest hits selection.

The authors moto have always been ”simplify tapas”, which proved extremely useful for the book. Nothing is very difficult to make, apart from one or two dishes that need a little more effort. In truth, the real challenge lies in finding good quality produce on the market, like exotic seafood. The authors make it easy to prepare the dishes, but if you prefer the actual eating to the cooking, then you can simply go and enjoy some of the recipes at El Parador!

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