Peru Is Flavour Of The Month

Peruvian food has not-so-secretly been positioning itself as the cuisine of choice over the past couple of years. Of course, this is no devious plan from Peru itself, more a realisation from everyone else that they actually have some great chefs and restaurants. Not to mention the need for any Londoner to devour as many different fads as they can in one go before moving onto something else “new.”

The difference with this fad for Peruvian cuisine though is that there is some serious weight to it. You can be sure that if Ferran Adría (former owner of El Bulli) is saying great things about the food then there must be something to it. In an interview last year with El Comercio he said that Peruvian chefs such as Gaston Acurio (owner of several Lima restaurants) are working with “the same spirit” as him, and talked about the excitement and passion he found in Peruvian cuisine. You can find out about some of Peru’s top chefs in this great article in The Telegraph.

The reason for this article though is not to tell you to pack your bags and catch the next flight to Peru, but tell you the great news that Peruvian cuisine is now here in London. Ceviche, a new restaurant set-up by Martin Morales (pictured at top of page with Ceviche’s head chef Ale Bello) in Soho, recently opened it’s doors. We’ve already had a taste and the omens are very good. The speciality is quite rightly ceviche, and the bowl of Alianza Lima (pictured below) we had hit all the right buttons. It was fresh and tangy with just the right amount of lime and salt. It’s also an extremely healthy dish, though that’s just something we tell the other half to make sure she comes along too!

As well as ceviche, there’s a great selection of anticuchos (marinated meats, pictured below) which will surely appeal to fans of Brazilian and Argentine restaurants out there, as well as a dangerous drinks menu that gets extremely obsessive about pisco. Our personal favourite is the Soho, a fiery, peppery concoction that lifted the roofs off our tastebuds in the best possible way. Considering we’re music fanatics here at JungleDrums, we should also mention that the restaurant has a great soundtrack, with music from Susana Baca, La Gran Reunion, Los Mirlos and Novalima rounding off the whole experience.

Ceviche will be joined by another Peruvian restaurant in May. Lima will be located in Shoreditch and follow the same ethos as Ceviche, i.e. that of healthy, fresh food with plenty of variety and unique flavours.

You can find out more about Ceviche and make bookings at Lima also have a website at

And if you fancy trying to make some of your own Peruvian cuisine, Ceviche’s Martin Morales gave The Guardian a couple of recipes for ceviche and anticuchos here.

Pictures of ceviche and anticuchos courtesy of The Skinny Bib

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