Brasilian sushi

As you probably already know from posters all over town (and the pages of Jungle), Festival Brazil is painting the Southbank Centre yellow and green this summer, and luckily for us it also goes for the restaurants and bars right across the site. One such eatery, Feng Sushi has got their own Brasilian chef, Clebson Vasconcellos, on the team, and invited him to create a special ‘tropical’ menu especially for the festival.

Clebson’s been in London since 2004, but has been working as a chef for 13 years now, all along with Japanese cuisine. To produce the ‘Brazil Menu’ he added mangoes to the sushi and salad, as traditionally prepared in Brasil (usually with avocados here), and created four treats: the Mango & Papaya Salad, with Brasil nuts, coriander and lime juice (£5.50); a plate of paperthin salmon and seabass; and our favourites, the São Paulo Ceviche, with cucumber, tomatoes, salmon and hamachi (£8.50); and the Sushi Samba Selection, serving two varieties of sushi plus the hot roll. To die for.

What’s more, three summer cocktails were created (£5.50 each). We tried the Sake Sangria, made with cucumbers, and the Strawberry Caipirinha – delicious. All very refreshing and perfect for the summer currently upon the city. There’s an outside seating area as well and if that’s not enough, the restaurant also launched ‘The Feng Sushi Brazil Picnic Box’ (£44 or £56 with drinks), though not including the special menu dishes.


Feng Shushi
Unit 9
Royal Festival Hall – SE1 8XX
020 7261 0001

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