A spicy Brazilian night in Brixton

The vibrant neighbourhood of Brixton is due to encounter unusual and wonderful spices and flavours on Thursdays April 29th – this is the inaugural ‘Night market at Brixton Village’, in which the so called ‘GloomFest’ will promote all kinds of “good madness” around the area. If you’re brave enough, you can try the delicious, spicy flavours of Bahia at the Acarajé Night in the courtyard!

Made of blacked-eyed beans mashed with onions and ginger and deep-friend in palm oil, the Acarajé, originally from Bahia in Brazil, is served with Vatapá, a paste made of peanuts, cashew nuts, coconut milk, smoked prawns, bread and palm oil, and Caruru, an okra-based dish. And it all goes really well with some – or a lot of – hot pepper. You can also try the Abará, made of the same mix, but wrapped in banana leaves and boiled in water and salt.

The night of exotic wonders will also promote other fun and unusual activities, such as Twister games with a Gorilla, vintage makeup and hair do’s, Italian cooking lessons, face painting, theatre, music, film screenings and more. Go play!


Thurs 29th April, 6pm – 10pm, Free entry
Brixton Market
Coldharbour Lane – SW9


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