In focus: Women in Brazilian Politics

The candidacy of two women for President of the Republic, a powerful position which to this day has been an exclusively masculine domain, marks an important milestone in Brazil’s history as this seminar and film screening examines.

In line with the country’s important debates, Queen Mary’s (University of London) Portuguese department and its Cineclub invite all Brazilians to a seminar about the participation and role of women in national politics.

In 1932, President Getúlio Vargas’ new Electoral Code granted women the right to vote and be voted for. In 2005, women corresponded to 51.3% of the Brazilian population. Nevertheless, their participation in political life remains limited and disproportional: in the 2006 elections, National Congress was made up of just 45 federal deputies and nine senators (elected and replaced), or in other words, 9% of the total number of members of Parliament.

Through video clips, Else R. P Vieira’s introduction will feature the women who opened the doors to areas in which they could exercise political power- formally or in social movements- from 1932 up until both of President Lula’s two terms.

How do Brazilian filmmakers project the insertion of women into the political arena? Do they show the emancipation of women or consolidate images of the historical division of the sexes in politics in Brazil? Do they reinforce the stereotypes associated with women in politics or contribute towards them overcoming such stereotypes? Maria Angélica Lemos’ and Que Bom Te Ver Viva look at different aspects of women in politics.

Programme of events:

Introduction: Marcos Históricos na Trajetória das Mulheres na Política Brasileira
Else R. P. Vieira

Film Mulheres na Política – Política Feminista (Brasil, dir. Maria Angélica Lemos, 2008)


Film Que Bom Te Ver Viva (How Nice To See You Alive) (Brasil, dir. Lúcia Murat, 1989)

Drinks and Debates

Please note that due to the tube strikes this event has been delayed until Sept 24th

6.30pm, Free Entry
Alfred Hitchcock Cinema,
Arts Building, Queen Mary University of London
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